#2 – Backlinkremoval.com


– Upfront, yet expensive pricing
– Link removal service
– Email support
– No final report


BacklinkRemoval.com is a new link removal and clean up service that was recently created in early 2014.

Unfortunately there aren’t many reviews of Backlinkremoval.com online, and there aren’t any verifiable testimonials available.


  • Expensive pricing: Packages start at $397 for only 500 links and the largest package is $1,197 for 5,000 links.
  • Limited links: Unlike services like LinkDelete, there are limitations on the number of links that can be worked on at one time.

Removal Rate

  • Unverified removal rate: Unfortunately there is no information regarding the number of links Backlinkremoval.com has removed.

Backlink Audit

  • Basic analysis: A limited approach to checking backlinks by classifying links by link type and anchor text rather than extensive metrics.
  • Limited metrics: Only 5 metrics used in analyzing each backlink
  • Limited backlink data: Webmaster Tools links only. No other backlink sources available.

Monthly Report

  • No final report: Disavow files are provided, however no final reports are provided.
  • No combined reports: Combined reports help keep link removal campaigns organized. Unfortunately there are no combined reports.
  • Disavow: Disavow files are provided.


  • Email support: Email support available Monday-Friday.
  • No live support: No live chat support available.
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Backlink Audit
Monthly Report
Total Score 4.0